Norwegian composer John Erik Kaada (or “Kaada” as he’s often called) is one of the sought after film composers in Scandinavia. Also a prolific recording artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Kaada has also enjoyed a string of critically acclaimed solo albums, a high-profile collaboration with artist Mike Patton, and many records and world tours as a member of the alternative power-trio, Cloroform. Kaada’s style is perhaps most easily defined by his unique sounds and penchant for eclectic instrumentation. Kaada's film music can be heard in over 40 feature films and his music has been featured on TV shows like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Oprah, The Super Bowl, The Daily Show, 60 Minutes, and more.

John Erik Kaada

artist / composer

“Positively full of life and with a tremendous quiet joy, everything about Kaada’s “Closing Statements” stuns with its surrealist bent.” Beach Slot

“In Closing Statements, Kaada brightens the darkest of subjects” A Closer Listen

Kaada’s electronic slant does mean that he’s playing in his own unique realm, one that few of his peers can touch. Cracklefeedback

“Composing great music isn’t about giving the listener what’s never been heard, but giving them a reason to stop what they’re doing, and hear for the first time how truly inspiring music can be when we drown out the extraneous noise.” ScenePointBlank

“expect a truly gorgeous album that really deserves your time.” itdjents

``Enter John Kaada’s Closing Statements, a shimmering opus painstakingly crafted to soothe the collective woes of humanity.`` Mxdwn

The new record from the Norwegian composer Kaada is a beautiful thing, immense in scope yet startlingly intimate. Popdose

“Works such as‘Closingstatements’ remind us that music and emotion are forever, inescapably intertwined and this album stands at the pinnacle of an already great career. Sonic Abuse

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