Bacteria Cult – SCMP.COM (Review)


Kaada/Patton – Bacteria Cult

Ipecac Recordings


4/5 stars


Twelve years on from their first collaborative effort, 2004’s Romances, eclectic Norwegian composer / producer John Kaada teams up once again with the insanely prolific rock singer Mike Patton, for their second full length effort, Bacteria Cult. While Patton is best known as the frontman of alt-metal band Faith No More, he is certainly no stranger to wildly creative projects, with an extensive discography of experimental collaborations, and along with Kaada, a member of the avant-jazz trio Cloroform, they share a fascination with both film and orchestral compositions. Written by the duo and performed by Norway’s Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, these eight dense cinematic soundscapes sit closest to Patton’s Fantomas album The Director’s Cut, dwelling somewhere, according to Kaada, “in the twilight zone where spooky and seductive meet”. Opener Red Rainbow forces a Morricone spaghetti western through a ghoulish cabaret band, while on the unnerving Imodium, Patton adds percussive wails and chants to a wonderfully sinister Disney-from-hell composition, seducing our eardrums and welcoming us into their strangely enticing “lush sonic otherworld”.