Closing Statements – review Beach Sloth

Kaada – Closing Statements

Kaada goes for gentle caressing gestures on the graceful “Closing Statements”. With a keenly cinematic flair, everything about Kaada’s work feels carefully considered. Heavily steeped in modern classical, Kaada also incorporates moments of techno, industrial, and experimental into the mix. At moments their work recalls the surreal scope of Max Richter’s early albums. Instrumentally Kaada does not hold back, allowing for a wide variety of textures to enter into the tapestry of sound. Swirling about with a tremendous level of vigor, the patterns and layers come together to create an entire new realm. Every track plays off the last while the entire album embarks on a strange, unpredictable journey, one that can feel so familiar at times.


Things open up with the spacious “It Must Have Been The Coffee” where deliberate steps are taken to set the mood. Electronics works wonders on the tactile “Farewell”. A majestic buildup frames the powerful “Everything Is An Illusion”. Duality exists within the powerful dramatics of “Unknown Destination”. Hushed reverence defines the ambitious awe of “On The Contrary”. Little elements of play allow “Useless, Useless” a spirited quality to it. Doing quite the opposite of the usual “Clearing Out” serves as the album highlight, as Kaada spends the latter half letting it all dissolve. Colorful neon hues filter into the elaborate “More Light”. Essentially bringing together all that came before it “Home In The Dark” ends the album on a high note.


Positively full of life and with a tremendous quiet joy, everything about Kaada’s “Closing Statements” stuns with its surrealist bent.