Closing Statements – the tempo house

The new album by Norwegian composer John Erik Kaada , who records under his surname, is a thing of almost heart-breaking delicacy. Each track’s title is the final words before somebody passes away.

Musical mood swings and strange U turns dominate the record; from acoustic guitars and throbbing electronics (Useless Useless) to a once funereal, then quirky, playful examination of a full life (Clearing Out) the album seems to go through all the stages of grief- from anger to acceptance, to a celebration of the loved one in their wake.

Thus, Farewell with its eerie soundscapes and samples is almost the antithesis of the sweeping, cinematic Hey Unfair That Was My Exit . Death may have the final word, but this is a fitting and poignant testimony to those we miss.

(Lorna Irvine)