Music for Moviebikers – BOOMCAT (Review)


KAADA – Music For Moviebikers Ipecac


Ipecac releases are just so unashamedly odd, almost without exception, and it’s impossible not to appreciate the sheer wealth and scope of interest that Mike Patton invests into his beloved imprint. This time around they’ve brought back their favourite Norwegian, a man swimming in the riches of his country’s oil fund which probably gives him the time to come up with this, a collection of imaginary movie soundtracks played by 22 musicians. He’s certainly not the first artist to write a soundtrack to an imaginary film, in fact in the bubbling mires of independent music it’s almost impossible to find an artist that hasn’t indulged his/her deepest fantasies in creating pseudo-silver screen vignettes. However what I will say is that Kaada steps up to the challenge quite magnificently composing an album of delicate, poetic modern classical pieces which remain beautiful while never falling into the trappings of over-indulgence. The sheer scope of the record is inspiring, bringing in the influence of John Barry (The Ipcress File era), Anton Karas (The Third Man), Ry Cooder (Paris, Texas era), Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen, John Zorn and Mikis Theodorakis together to create something almost without origin. A fabulous mix of styles which rarely takes a wrong step, this will massively appeal to fans of Max Richter, Sylvain Chaveau or the more cinematic moments of the Type label – sit back and enjoy the show…