Music for Moviebikers – CONCUSSION (Review)



When the humans choose to evolve, they will listen to music like this. Not to say that some inhabitants of this planet aren’t ready for John Kadda’s new masterwork, Music For Moviebikers, but let’s just say that this material is slightly ahead of the curve. Structure combines with a discipline that can only be marveled at. The average being will most likely be way too busy pacified in a post-masturbatory haze, zoning out on reality TV or stuffing fast food down their throats to take the time to sit back and enjoy something of this caliber. As one looks around at the current state of the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold on to any faith in the human race at all.


A work of this nature helps to restore a small piece of it. Here is a man filled with a passion, building his own instruments and then making them come alive by joining their sound with a twenty-plus member orchestra that he’s written the parts for. Here we have a true Renaissance man not frightened to explore the tender side of life and its ever awaiting possibilities.


C’mon suckers ñ don’t you know all that death and destruction crap gets played out real fast anyhow! So, take a minute, relax and open your mind – before it’s too late. Fans of Kadda’s work with Michael Patton on the Romances album are sure to enjoy this offering. I also think fan’s of Beck’s Sea Change may want to check it out as well. Now, I’m not a big believer in the idea of heaven but, if there was such a place, I think that they would play this album. – RMK


Keep it up baby! RMK