Music for Moviebikers – EXODUSTER (Review)


Kaada – Music For Moviebikers

Ipecac Recordings Grade: A-/A


On his third recording on Ipecac, John Kaada explores the soundtrack-without-a-film genre, gathering a small army of guest musicians from around Europe and recording his compositions in a large hall on the outskirts of Oslo. The influence from his collaboration with Mike Patton on the similarly ambitious Romances (also on Ipecac) is almost immediately apparent. Gone are the electronic pop songs of Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time and MECD; lyrics are replaced by the atmospheric scat (think: ooo’s and aaah’s) of film music by way 60’s era Cinecitta and samples are replaced with live instrumentation ala the spaghetti western ambience of Morricone. The result is actually both fascinating and at times quite moving. Under Kaada’s capable direction, Music For Musicbikers never succumbs to cliché or new age sterility, which are common pitfalls of the genre. Part of what makes this work is Kaada’s decision to stick with live performances (assisted by conductor Baldakhin) which lends the album a layer of warmth and humanity that reaches its apex in the shimmering tremolo guitar in “Daily Living” and the haunting strings of “Celibate”. (AP)


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