Music for Moviebikers – FUTURE MUSIC (Review)


KAADA – Music for Moviebikers



Ipecac deliver the goods once again in the form of maestro John Kaada’s third album. Largely instrumental, this is a collection of music that’s moving, cinematic and engaging. All the elements of the compositions sound purposefully and delicately placed, creating a sound that’s both subtle and vast. The glacial sound that seems to embed itself into music from Scandinavia is there, but not as overwhelmingly so as other bands from the winter lands.


Instead the sound mixes with other influences, including a bit Country, Baltic music, and even some DAnny Elfman-esque moments. This is all good stuff, of course, but it leads to moments of hyperbole within the music, where the cinematic theme is perhaps over-emphasised. But that small quibble aside, this is a beautiful album which, I have no doubt, will be the delight of many.


– Luke Smith