Music for Moviebikers – METALSTORM (Review)




I once was told that music was the amplification of one’s heart, then I bought Death Metal albums that talked about mutilations and raping dead things…time passed by and I forgot about that beautiful statement, I began listening to music just for the sake of clutching heavy riffs and catchy beats. One mysterious day I bought an album called “Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven” by Godspeed You Black Emperor! and my life changed that very same day. 6 years later, and after unsuccessfully searching for “the next best thing” in music, I received a package containing the new album of a guy named “Joe Young”…Kaada for us.


Here you have a Norwegian genius who gathered a great ensemble of classic instruments (some are invented by him actually) and created one of the most beautiful pieces ever in music history. Yes people, it’s not metal, but if you are wise enough you’ll open your mind and you’ll see there’s more in music than jammed guitars and piteous ideologies. This personage is also known for writing the score for movies (I seriously don’t know which ones but I’m currently doing my homework), so imagine the musical horizon Kaada has; so this time he took his harmonious brain and pasted it on a record called “Music For Moviebikers”.


It’s one hour of enthralling melodies, shivering atmospheres and even bloodcurdling passages with the most interesting chants I’ve heard in a long time. Kaada delivers an hour of everything music wise; the thirteen “Takes” have a force of their own, the whole impression is about stances gathered from movies, but each song has a different approach towards the environment and the core of the music; apparently Kaada never says which movies though…he’s one of those “My concept is for you to have your own concept” kind of guys, I think that’s brilliant in a very creepy way.


This album is so great that I can’t even put it into words; this is the first time I hear about Kaada and I’m already searching for his past albums (He even has a record in collaboration with Mike Patton so go figure). “Music For Moviebikers” it is not for everyone; the simple minds won’t absorb the intense brilliance that this album emanates. So I’ll say one more thing; Kaada is the reason why people says that music is our heart and mind on an instrument.


Performance: 10

Songwriting: 10

Originality: 10

Production: 10
Overall impression: 10


Written by Herzebeth | 05.12.2006