Music for Moviebikers – NY TIMES (Review)




John Erik Kaada, a Norwegian composer known simply by his surname, seems to put as much stock in imagery as he does in sound. That’s imagery, not image, though the precious photograph on the cover of his new album, “Music for Moviebikers” (Ipecac), hints otherwise. Each of the album’s 13 tracks feels cinematic; Ennio Morricone is obviously a major influence. (The video for “From Here on It Got Rough,” accessible at, goes further back, to the shadowy flicker of silent film.) This isn’t to say that Kaada’s music alone is featureless. He scored the album as a suite for a 22-piece orchestra, assigning parts not only to cellists and mallet percussionists but also to a glass harmonica player and a musical saw artist. There are ethereal vocals but hardly any lyrics; Kaada apparently holds those in reserve for Mike Patton, the underground rock Beelzebub who partners with him in a much twitchier collaboration, Kaada/Patton, and whose label releases both artists’ willfully strange creations.