Music for Moviebikers – REVIEW


29.10.15, 21.05



On Kaada’s first album for Ipecac, Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time, the Norwegian producer presented himself as DJ Shadow for Mike Patton fans. Spastic, unpredictable, yet fun and even danceable, Kaada brought a new element to turntablism that most hip-hop purists often neglect. His sophomore Ipecac release, Music for Moviebikers, however, sounds like the work of a completely different artist. Possibly the prettiest and most delicate album released on the label, it follows a theme of soundtracks for movies that don’t exist, indulging in dreamy flights of fancy, dramatic string swells and even the occasional Ennio Morricone homage. For this project, Kaada enlisted 22 musicians, and even built some of his own instruments. The result is a surprisingly tender and powerful piece of music that marks a sort of reinvention for this multi-talented musician.


by Jeff Terich