Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time – Musique Machine (Review)

What do you get when Mike Patton signs a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist / sampler / producer whiz on his label Ipecac Records? You’ll get Kaada, hailed in Scandinavia as the best thing since sliced knäckebröd. Patton discovered this act when he was on tour through Norway with his own band Tomahawk. A copy of Thank You… went back to America and a deal was struck for an American release.


Kaada takes samples from old recordings and mixes them together with live instruments and sometimes vocals. Most of these samples are from old R&B and soul music albums. This mixture of old and new makes Thank You… something very interesting. Personally I’m not really familiar with the original versions of the songs where he took these samples from. So it’s not easy to figure out what’s old and what’s new since he succesfully mixes them to almost authentic sounding songs. The whole atmosphere of the album still has it’s feet in the past, but there are some odd modern sounds in the mix, which still makes Thank You… something from this time and age.


The songs itself are most of the time pretty good. I don’t know how much Kaada wrote himself (I can see an evil grin on his face with all these puzzled reviewers worldwide) but a couple just stand out for me.


Thank You… is a decent and original album. Kaada combines samples and real instruments in a way that I haven’t heard before. It’s hard to describe what’s so different, but I guess it’s because the songs still sound really authentic, even if he changed a lot of stuff. Kaada is a promising artist, something you should hear, so I highly recommend Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time to anyone who likes something different.


Niels van Rongen


Musique Machine

Kaada – Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time

[Ipecac Recordings – 2003]