Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time – Concussion Magazine (Review)

Concussion Magazine REVIEW




In this day and age of pop and circumstance, how refreshing it is to come across an artist such as John Erik Kaada. On his first solo effort Thank You for Giving Me Your Valuable Time, Kaada’s approach was largely fueled through a sample driven, patchwork processed cornucopia of soul, rock, blues and funk-laced eclectica. Building upon that aesthetic, MECD is an exploration into a more polished template. The result is the distinct sound of a man who truly loves making music and it comes across in each and every track. From the carefree opener “That’s Life O-Oh” (written for the motion picture ‘Tur&Retur’) to the buoyantly playful “La La”, this album is a testament to Kaada’s sensibility as a songwriter. With the addition of female backing vocals, the lyrics come across as angelic and poignant gently lulling the listener into a state of heavenly bliss. Through taking on the demanding duties of writing, producing, and mixing the album himself, Kaada displays inherent knowledge of instrumentation and what is needed to make songs ebb and flow, all without overcrowding the listener. All in all, I am very impressed with this album and look forward to subsequent releases from what just may be Norway’s greatest export.


Robert M. Krautheim / Concussion Magazine.