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Subject: Kaada review in e/i Magazine (on stands 3/31)

Kaada’s Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time (Ipecac; CD)


It’s a rarity to come across an album, electronic or otherwise, that is

bursting at the seams with genuine personality, and Thank You has got

plenty to spare. The debut of an enigmatic young Norwegian lad, Thank

You plays like thousands of hooks stolen from songs over the past fifty

years of popular music, seemingly strung together at random but sounding

oh so perfect. The nearest touchstone to Kaada’s heartfelt beat-and-riff

thievery would be either Fatboy Slim or the Dust Brother’s work on

Paul’s Boutique, but the faceless funk of those plunderphonic

technicians seems pedestrian and insincere. jazz percussion, and pedal steel guitars,

as on the opener, Care, and twist and tweak them into a straight-faced

doo-wop number?


One of the most uncomfortable moments on Thank You is the initial

exposure to Burden, in which two different vocal tracks, wordless

moaning, mostly shriek and hum along to a classic two-note Motown

backbeat. After repeated listens, though, the howls take on a deeper

quality, that of the soul shouts of a lover who‚s just had their heart

squashed flat, expressing more in their tone and musical setting than

words could allow. Beginning with a rave-up close to the theme to The

Munsters, Honk spits horns and a sampled troubadour into the mix, with

the end result being something close to super-charged Philly soul;

closing with cut’n’paste soul of the title track (which is destined to

soon be closing DJ sets the world over), which also happens to be the

only lyric, Thank You should send listeners packing with the knowledge

that as long as there is Kaada, music (electronic or otherwise, right?)

will be just fine



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