Diverse and prolific Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Kaada career spans a string of critically acclaimed solo albums, major motion picture soundtracks, high-profile collaborations with key players such as Mike Patton, as well as numerous live appearances at home and abroad. Kaada´s debut in a recorded format came with his 2001 solo album ´Thank you for giving me your valuable time´. The diverse outing effortlessly blended elements of woo-wop, show tunes, jungle rhythms and frenzied horn samples into a coherent mix of live instrumentation and electronic elements, fusing elements of five decades of popular music. ´Thank you for giving me your valuable time´ firmly established Kaada as a key voice on Norway´s blossoming music scene. The album was named as one of the ten most important releases of the year by Billboard Magazine

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2006 saw the release of ´Music for Moviebikers´ (Ipecac), a vivid collection of lush arrangements set as soundtracks for imaginary films. The album features a strong evocative quality as it sets out to bring the two musical worlds of Kaada together; the one of the recording artist with the cinematic film music one. The albums´s 22-strong ensemble consists of traditional instrumentation with strings, vocals and electric guitars as well as homemade instruments and some exotic folk music performers hailing from various corners of Europe. The strings were recorded in the Vigeland mausoleum in Oslo.

2009´s outing Junkyard Nostalgia with its myriad sounds and instruments make the ear feel like a fly’s facet eye; the tunes float slowly, like little swarms of sad dragonflies. The album was conceived as a self-proclaimed homage to the thousands of Polish workers that have come to Norway to earn a better living and to fuel the country´s economy with cheap labour. Junkyard Nostalgia featured Kaada playing all of the instruments on the album, solidifying his very personal universe of sound. Kaada have said about the album that he made it to justify buying hundreds of instruments on ebay.

A major milestone in Kaada´s career came in 2004 with the release of the album ´Romances´ – a joint effort with Faith No More and Tomahawk vocalist Mike Patton. An eerily addicting work with inspirations from classical music, ´Romances´ features the two composers working in tandem to create a slow-moving large piece based in late romanticism which again is made up of nine smaller pieces, resembling a symphony’s compositional structure. In many ways, ‘Romances’ pays homage to Kaada’s musical upbringing that included classical training from age 6 to 20 and a repertoire spanning form Liszt, Brahms, Mahler, Debussy, Ravel and Bartok. The titles are lifted from old pieces from the romantic period.

2007 saw the release of Kaada/Patton´s ´Live´ DVD (Ipecac) – a live recording from the 2005 Roskilde Festival featuring a seven-piece ensemble playing mostly the repertoire of ´Romances´. The outing features the full festival set as well as behind the scenes from the key event.

2007 saw the release of Kaada/Patton´s ´Live´ DVD (Ipecac) – a live recording from the 2005 Roskilde Festival featuring a seven-piece ensemble playing mostly the repertoire of ´Romances´. The outing features the full festival set as well as behind the scenes from the key event.

Kaada and Patton have maintained their musical bond over the last decade.  In April 2016 they released a new album called “Bacteria Cult”. “Working with John Kaada on this latest release was an honor and pure pleasure,” said Patton of resuming work Kaada. “His compositions have always resonated deeply with me and his orchestral arrangements for this project are harmonically dense and delicious! Each individual piece is so well constructed and inventively assembled that my vocal passages practically sang themselves. I’m hoping very much that we can seduce some eardrums and welcome listeners into this lush sonic ‘otherworld.’” Kaada explains,“We wanted to try new things, Fully utilizing new technologies, combined with a large orchestra, while putting more attention towards melody and structure.” The eight-song, orchestral collection exudes the music Ipecac has become well known for: eclectic, experimental and cinematic. Similar in feel to Fantômas’ Director’s Cut, as Kaada describes it, Bacteria Cult “dwells in the twilight zone where spooky and seductive meet.”

Another key arena for Kaada´s compositional as well as improvisational output has been the potent exploratory trio Cloroform. Highly active from 1998 to 2006, the trio released six critically acclaimed albums and toured extensively. Double bass, drums, keys and distorted vocals form the frame for Cloroform’s highly-charged live sets and studio recordings that defy genres and pre-conceived notions of what’s possible in a trio format. The trio has successfully made the transition from an underground act on the domestic scene to a live favourite on European stages, earning them a loyal following at home and abroad.

Kaada says : “The sound of Cloroform has obviously been influenced by many varying styles of music that we as a band and as individuals are constantly seeking out and subjecting ourselves to. We try to push ourselves into places that we haven’t been before, because that is what we find most rewarding. Cloroform is a freeground, a playground”.

A core component of Kaada´s career has been composing film scores, beginning with 2000´s low-budget domestic success ´Mongoland´ which generated considerable demand for his compositional skills. 2002 saw Kaada being bestowed with “the Golden Clapboard Prize” at the Amanda Awards – the Norwegian equivalent to the Oscars, at the time being the youngest composer to receive the prestigious award. In the ensuing decade, Kaada would go on to compose scores for some of the most successful domestic films as well as several international productions, earning him numerous awards for his distinct compositional style. One of Kaada´s most notable international film score successes came in 2014 with the French blockbuster ´La liste de mes envies´. The motion picture, which featured a cast of major French actors, was box office hit in France and Belgium and resulted in a successful soundtrack released through Pathé.

Composing for films was something that I took up rather coincidentally, relates Kaada. – I had not intended to pursue that direction and had no formal training, but at some point, writing film scores was what I did. In the beginning it was quite stressful and made me nervous, but now I’m enjoying the work much more, thinking of it as a compositional playground. Orchestration and sonorous experimentation are the fields that I really enjoy delving into these days. Working on film scores enables me to create unconventional instrument ensembles. I’m also doing music for documentaries and television scores in between film scores. TV gigs is a great composers’ workshop, because you have the oportunity to experiment with small ensembles and develop composing and arranging skills.” Kaada´s TV-music works has been heard on CNN, CBS, NBC and in relation to shows like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Oprah, The superbowl, Jay Leno, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, 60 Minutes, NBA Tonight among others.

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a breathtakingly raw album


Kaada is the best thing to come out of Norway since Leif Erikson set sail for America


Never without genius. Color this the best record of the year”


“If you think you've heard everything, chances are you haven't heard anything like this”. ... “it's surely the best at whatever it is.”


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