Making Music & Sounds

What is Wrongroom

Wrongroom is the brainchild of Kaada, is a online music house with a variety of friends working with music and sound for a variety of platforms. Apart from making fantastic music, they are also deeply involved in the area of interactive audio. Wrongroom is hell-bent on crafting powerful music with integrity and originality.

The team

We are responsible for the music on dozens of major film campaigns, feature films and TV shows as well as consulting and production work for several high profile composers. We like to say that we have a specialty of combining the grandeur and sensitivity of classic film orchestra with innovative production and elements of modern music has led us into territory where few have gone before.

better – not busier

We are motivated by an unrepentant desire to be better – not busier, and guided by the conviction that strong relationships forge strong creative content. We have worked extensively in all facets of media including theatre, television, radio, album production, and film, installations.


Music for films

Music for TV

music for commercials

(email John Erik Kaada  : bozo [at] kaada.no)



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